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Gibson Historic Collection 1957 Les Paul Reissue 1999
Fender USA 1962 Stratocaster mod 1997
Steinberger Spirit GT-PRO mod 2019
​Fender USA Stratocaster Ultra mod 90s
Valeriano Bernal Maestro 2008
Antonio Sanchez 3450 2002
Gibson LG-1 1963
and more
​Ibanez AS200, D'Aquisto Jazz Line etc
YAMAHA F100-212
Mesa Boogie Studio-22+
Fender Champion 600 with Eminence 620H
AER Bingo II
AAD by Phil Jones CUB
​and more
Effect Pedals
Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork
Dunlop/MXR JH-3S
​Ibanez TS MINI
One Control Anodized Brown Distortion
Electro Harmonix Small Clone
Line6 DL4
Boss FV-50L

Maxon SD9
Electro Harmonix FREEZE
​TC Electronics Ditto Looper

Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff Ramshead
​Danelectro DJ-13 French Toast

BBE Free Fuzz​
​Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi Original

Lovepedal Cot50 Clone
Maxon ROD881
Boss OD-3
​Boss DS-2

Boss OD-2R
Marshall Jack Hammer
Handmade Fuzz


Jim Dunlop CryBaby mod
Electro Harmonix Micro Q-Tron

Arion SCH-Z
Effects BAKERY Japanese Butter Roll Vibe

Ibanez AD MINI
Boss DD-3

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

​Boss GT-1 w/FS-7

​TC Electronics POLYTUNE 3 MINI

For Acoustic Guitar

Crews Maniac Sound DPA-2A
Boss AD-3

Handmade AB Box


T's Ukulele SM-3K/pf
​Pono PC
Tres Cubano
Tres Cubano de Cuba
​Takamine AG mod
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